Sherway Physio Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy (or Physical Therapy) addresses the illness or injury that is limiting person’s ability to function and perform daily functional activities. Physiotherapists consider an individual’s history and physical assessment to come to a diagnosis and create a plan to achieve maximum well-being. This is possible through creative selection of different modalities that would help to reduce pain and disability, such as different types of exercises and stretches, anti-inflammatory modalities, modalities that promote healing effect on the body, manual therapy, cold, heat, and other interventions under the umbrella of Physiotherapy.  Physiotherapy will help: 

  • Diagnose the problem 
  • Improve movements and strength 
  • Return to normal functioning 
  • Improves quality of life with its therapeutic effects 
  • Cure different bodily issues 
  • Prevent further deterioration 
  • Correct body misalignment