Pelvic Health Physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of different disorders or conditions affecting the pelvic area, specifically the bladder, uterus, anus and genitals.

This type of physiotherapy is new in Canada but it has been widely applied in Europe for decades.

Who would benefit from Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

If you are having one or more of the issues listed below:

  • strong, compelling need to urinate or have stool
  • uncontrollable leakage of urine or stool
  • repetitive need to urinate at night
  • pain in pelvic area
  • difficult and infrequent passage of stool
  • frequent uncontrollable need to urinate affecting normal routines

These above noted symptoms are quite common among men and women, making their daily routines difficult to manage. Many are silently suffering, living through pain and difficulties not knowing that there is evidence based treatment available that can help enrich their life.

There is evidence based comfortable treatment available at Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy that will help you get over the difficulties and pain in the pelvic area, make you feel normal and healthy again.