Othotics are footware inserts designed specifically for you to fit inside your shoe, which will help the bones and tendons in your feet and lower leg function efficiently. For many patients, they are effective in reducing pain in the feet, knees, legs and hips and even the lower back.

Upon referral from your physician, we will work with you to evaluate your need and ensure that orthotics is a viable option for the treatment of your pain. We then conduct a series of tests and measurements to ensure that your custom-designed corrective device works to your individual needs.

We will discuss your symptoms with you, and ask about your overall medical history and normal types of footwear. Your lifestyle is also a factor in finding the perfect design. We include a gait assessment/analysis to fully determine precisely how you walk and to see if there are any abnormalities in your posture or walk. A 3-D cast that captures the contours of your feet is taken and your custom orthotic is then created.

Orthotics will be made in a lab at The Orthotic Group, well known manufacturer of custom orthotics across Canada. We will then conduct a fitting of your new device and again check your gait and posture. If you require customized shoes we are able to get them for you through the same company. Their shoe selection is wide and carefully chosen to help suffering feet, as well as to prevent negative developments in your feet.